Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Knight Rider GPS

The new show is abysmal, but for Knight Rider die hards and geeks alike I present to you the Mio Knight Rider GPS. Fully equipped with the voice of William Daniels and NOT Val Kilmer (shaking it rough, right?)The unit's LCD display has a series of red LEDs which draws a distinct similarity to that of KITT's nose-mounted lights which makes for a cool little gadget. Priced at $270...It might make your pops happy.

Check the review over at PCMAG.com

Chromeo LIVE in Toronto!

Earlier this summer I was in MTL and linked up with DL from Peer Presure for a party he was throwing and was kicking with P-Thugg while he was dj'ing...had a blasty blast!

October 9th @ MUZIK...It's going down!

Calvin Harris (DJ set)
Jamie Lidell
Dirty South
Trouble Andrew
Skratch Bastid
DJ Fase

Tickets on Sale - 25$ in Advance: Sept. 5 @ Ticketmaster, Play De Record, Rotate This & Soundscapes check www.redbull.ca for more info.

go&d Album Drop - T.I. Paper Trail

T.I.'s 6th studio album marks his comeback, and inevitable incarceration as well. The album strikes a very "careful" tenor, trying not to promote violence, or the drugs. Nonetheless he still manages to deliver the swag, and substance he is known for.

***Favourite Tracks***

All coincidently produced by Drumma Boy...

-What Up, What's Haapenin (Drumma Boy)
-My Life, Your Entertainment (Drumma Boy
-Ready For Whatever (Drumma Boy)

Artwork done by Ian Wright
Which is actually carefully crafted from an assortment of paper. More photos after the jump.
Read more.

Needed this today!

Weather was horrible this morning...maybe if I was kicking it at home I wouldn't mind as much, but hopping out the door for work and being greeted by a cold downpour bring nothing else to mind except expletives!

Designed by
Artemy Lebedev & Anton Schnaider and is available for $55USD

Jermaine Dupri Threw Up on Janet!

This is just hilarious! That Patron will do it to you! (ask me about it!) The PageSix of the NY Post has reported that at JD’s 36th birthday party this past weekend, homie got so twisted that he ended up yakking all over Janet! I’ve had my fair share of unfortunate mishaps while inebriated, but I must say vomiting on someone has, and will (I Hope!) never be one them! WOW…Janet is in the hospital now too! I doubt the two are incidents are related, but would be pretty wild if they were.

My birthday is next week, but I promise babygirl...I won't let this happen to you..err...me!

Blueprint 3...Swagga Like Us Remix...

Blueprint 3 coming December 2nd as per lowkey...maybe why 'Ye pushed his joint up? Also...Swagga Like Us REMIX feat. Nas, Jeezy and Dre 3-Stacks coming soon! (hopefully!) It'll be up on this joint as soon as it drops...

You can learn how dress by checking my fresh!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ethiopian breaks world record...again.

BERLIN — Haile Gebrselassie broke his own marathon world record on Sunday, becoming the first runner to finish under 2 hours, 4 minutes.

The Ethiopian clocked 2:03:59 to win his third straight Berlin Marathon, beating the mark of 2:04:26 he set last year over the same flat course. He also became the first runner to win the race three times.

"Today, I'm so, so, so happy. Everything was perfect today," Gebrselassie said.

Running under clear, sunny skies in mild temperature, Gebrselassie paced himself well and controlled the race from the start.

The 35-year-old Gebrselassie was way out front as passed through the Brandenburg Gate and ran to the finish line to applause from the crowd lining the route.

Gebrselassie said his training in the buildup to the race was hindered by an injury.

"I had a small calf muscle problem and I stopped for a week, and then I started again a week ago," he said. "Then today I had, you know, some doubts ... but it was really very good."

The Ethiopian praised Berlin and its spectators in helping him break his 26th world record.

How do they do it!? Amazing! LOL Via HuffPo


Someone needs to do one of these but just substitute McCain with Harper, and NBC with CBC!

Despite what you think of the record, the promo won't stop, because it can't stop! Apple iTunes and Kanye has readied the promo video which is all over the net and it can be said to attribute to the very good sales of the single. Drake let me know that the album is crazy...so we can only wait to see where this goes.

Lupe x T.O x 2

My homegirl Taryn will love this! Lupe Fiasco will be hitting T.O, not once, but twice performing both on October 9th (*surprise guest) and October 10th at Circa for the one year anniversary of the club. Lu' is bringing along Matthew Santos, Sarah Greene, and Gemini. The birthday weekend is shaping up to look pretty good!

New Thriller!

MJ is planning another comeback and has instructed all involved in the project that if it isn't better than Thriller, don't bother! Now Michael did release the platinum selling 25th anniversary of the LP last year that featured collaborations from will.i.am, Kanye West and others, but this new album be all original material. Listed as working on the album so far is Akon, and Ne-Yo who is quoted as saying:

"Michael is very nervous as he knows he is the underdog and people want him to fail...This album needs to be better than Thriller. He wants killer melodies"

Let's see what happens...MJ's last disc Invincible has sold 8 million copies to date.

Via Metro

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hightlight Of The Debate!

Yes you mothaf(*&#$- can!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama vs. McCain Debate!

I wanted to watch Miracle at St. Anna tonight, but this (no disrespect Spike) is way more exciting! I've been pretty much waiting to see this all summer! Get on your CNN.

Movies tomorrow!

A go&d™ Friday Classic!

Ohhhhhh Snap! Get down wit'cho bad self!

Miracle at St. Anna - In Theatres Today!

In theatres today. Go support! I know I will be!


Usain Bolt - Letterman Interview

A pretty good interview...The audience seemed to dig it too!

*Usain Bolt Dance...SWEEP
**Bolt fans are excited...His sponsor Puma not so much.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good Ass Job!

'Ye is saying he's moving up his album 808's & Heartbreak to November...


I'm still wondering why the title "Good Ass Job" was shelved...

Oliver Stone's "W." Movie: An Exclusive Clip (VIDEO)

Oliver Stone's "W." comes out October 17 and below is the first look at a television spot for the film. With Josh Brolin as the president, Thandie Newton as Condi, Richard Dreyfuss as Cheney and more, the below clip shows everything from a presidential press conference to a pretzel choke and introduces the main characters.

See more over at HuffPo.

Google partnering with phone carriers to take on RIM and Apple

SAN FRANCISCO — Google and T-Mobile unveiled their answer to the iPhone on Tuesday, pulling the wraps off a slick mobile device that combines a touch screen and a keyboard and is aimed at putting the Internet in the pockets of millions of cellphone users.

The T-Mobile G1, which will be available in the United States on Oct. 22, is the first mobile phone to be powered by Google’s Android operating system. It represents a milestone in Google’s efforts to extend its dominance of the PC-based Internet to mobile phones and further loosen the control that wireless carriers have over what consumers can do with their phones.

Read the rest of the story at NYT. Check the hands on video out at BGR!

Lupe Fiasco ft. Pharrell, Q-Tip & Sarah Green - Paris Tokyo (Remix)

"Faithfully I steer as I ride through your hood like Revere...Revere!" Ooooh!

I slept on this remix...but I am definitely glad I made my way around to it! Thank you Heather!


Ferrari Superbike

Seen this on Luxist and I recalled how much I had always wanted to get my motorcycle license, but it's just been one of those things that I never get around to doing. Though I am sure that I would make a valiant effort if I had the loot to purchase this bad boy! The Ferrari superbike concept is designed by Amir Glinik and looks straight out of Tron or Akira, has hand controls inspired by F-16 fighter jets, and buttons adapted from the Ferrari Enzo. More photos after the jump.

Read more.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nuite Blanche! One night only. All night long.

Artists downtown getting it on, and they ain't leaving 'till 6 in the mornin! Nuite Blanche...the all night contemporary art thing is approaching steadfast. On October 4th from 6:52 pm to sunrise Torontonians will devour the downtown core and soak up artistic impressions, and late night boozin. On a separate, but related note, If Harper wins this election this may be the last Nuite Blanche we get!


In theatres 1.16.2009 I'm rocking my Versace sunglasses, and wally's to this joint. AMC and Cineplex should serve Moet on the premiere!

You remind me of an jack-ass...I don't know why...

Homie needs to just disappear for a year or two...take a sabbatical!

Why Bob Marley Should Not Defend Himself In Court....

Family Guy Creator/Funny Man Seth MacFarlane has teamed with Burger King and Youtube to provide animated shorts every week at http://www.sethcomedy.com/ This is 1 of 5 available clips so far...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kanye vs. 50 Cent Round 2

This video predates Kanye declaring that his new album "will be 50's favorite album of mine." But it still pretty funny despite the definite loathing of Kanye by some in audience...publicity stunt? We'll see...

Usain Bolt....SWEEP!

This is funny, as I reported that Puma had initially neglected to do any much advertising immediately after the success of Bolt. However, they are now not just embracing Bolt, but the entire island of Jamaica!

3 Gold Medals. 3 World Records. 1 New Dance Move.

Runway For Change...

Tote Bag by Rag and Bone

The Obama campaign has paired with an onslaught of fashion designers and celebrities to create special items that coincided with New York Fashion Week. I had heard of this sometime back, but I didn't get to see the entire collection. Collaborators included, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Zac Posen, Vera Wang, Russell Simmons, Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Narcisco Rodriguez, Tracy Reese, Vera Wang, Diane von Furstenberg, Rachel Roy and others. More of the collection after the jump.

Read more.

White T-shirt by Russell Simmons
Ladies T-shirt by Vera Wang
Tote Bag by Diane von Furstenberg
Ladies T-shirt by Narciso Rodriguez
Long Sleeve Ladies T-shirt by Tracy Reese
Asphalt Grey Tank Top by Zac Posen
Scarf by Rachel Roy
Ladies T-Shirt by Beyoncé & Tina Knowles for House of Deréon
Black T-Shirt by Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter
Ladies T-shirt by Juicy Couture
Tote Bag by Marc Jacob
T-shirt by Pharrell Williams

To view the entire collection, and to purchase any of these items check out the Obama Store.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sex And The City DVD Release...and Sequel News?

This is some interesting news some ladies would like. Yeah, I went out and watched this film with my girl opening night. Had to get tickets in advance and everything! But before you go too far in your criticisms, I was a birthday movie date for her, and...the film was pretty good...pause.

However, in news that may or may not also give you pause, the part 2 of film has been confirmed, and is in the works according director/writer/producer Michael Patrick King. A reason to get dressed up and hit the movie theatre again!

DVD available this Tuesday.

"Michael Patrick King thought there would be sequels to "Sex and the City: the Movie."

Thursday night at the Public Library party for the DVD of the film, he and Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed it. He's off to write the next installment. Both SJP and Kim Cattrall told me they're excited to see what he comes up with.

At the same time, Candace Bushnell announced that she's writing a "prequel" to the ladies' lives, taking them maybe from teen through college years to the time they all met.

King told me, quipping, "I'm thinking of doing an animated version of them as babies."

SJP added, "Let's wring everything we can out of this thing!"

It didn't hurt that she was dressed and styled like a modern Audrey Hepburn, and that she worked the pink carpet full of media outside the Library like a pro. There just is not a more gracious movie or TV star around."

Via Fox411

Facebook & Myspace Slaughtering The Porn Industry!

I wonder if lotion sales are down too?

Social networking sites are the hottest attraction on the Internet, dethroning pornography and highlighting a major change in how people communicate, according to a web guru.

Bill Tancer, a self-described "data geek", has analyzed information for over 10 million web users to conclude that we are, in fact, what we click, with Internet searches giving an up-to-date view of how society and people are changing.

Some of his findings are great trivia, such as the fact that elbows, belly button lint and ceiling fans are on the list of people's top fears alongside social intimacy and rejection.

Others give an indication of people's interests or emotions, with an annual spike in searches for anti-depression drugs around Thanksgiving time in the United States.

Read the whole story here.

DJ AM & Travis Barker Private Jet Crashes...

Flying commercial becoming cumbersome? Thinking...why don't I just hop on a Lear Jet an up up and way, fly where you want? Blink-182 Drummer, Travis Barker, and DJ AM did that, and it did not end very nicely. In a very unfortunate incident, the plane carrying the musical duo from a show the played in Columbia crashed in South Carolina, leaving the Barker and DJ AM in critical condition, and killing 4 other passengers.


"Both Travis Barker and Adam Goldstein (DJ AM) are in critical but stable condition and are being treated at Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia after surviving a plane crash late last night in Columbia, South Carolina. The hospital will issue a statement with an update on their condition at 9 a.m. eastern time tomorrow.

"Due to the nature of the injuries and the evolving course of treatment, no further information on their condition is available at this time.

"The accident claimed the lives of four people on board, two of whom, Chris Baker (Lil Chris) and Charles Stills (Che), were close friends of the injured.

"On behalf of Travis Barker and DJ AM, deepest sympathy is expressed to the loved ones of all who perished in the crash. As the two recuperate and mourn this loss, privacy for them, their families, and friends is requested at this time."

Via HuffPo

Friday, September 19, 2008

A go&d™ Friday Classic!

Given the financial mess on wall street...many say due to cronyism and no oversight. Nate Dogg and Warren G has been tapped for the this weekend! I love this joint!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swagger Like Puff!

HAHAHAHA! And he won't stop...cause he can't stop!

Watch Part 2 HERE.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

FTL - Christian Louboutin Layered Leather Hobo

I've wanted to pick up speed on something For The Ladies or FTL as will be known as moving forward...And this piece right here definitely something for the ladies. Mr. Louboutin, face for his red bottoms, is now causing a tizzy with his red lined hand bag for the fall. A mean shoe game must be paired with with an bad ass bag, and this is a bad ass! The armadillo inspired bag is available at Saks for $1,995. Start checking the couch crevices.

Via What's Haute

The World's Most Expensive (Living) Artist.

Despite the economy being in the shitter folks are still making it rain, and one of those folks is British artist Damien Hirst. Pictured above is a life-sized, platinum skull encrusted with 8,601 diamonds totaling 1,106.18 carats, the piece is intended to be a celebration of life according to Hirst. The asking original price was $99 million, and was part of the collection auctioned over 2 days at Sotheby's in London. The two day haul brought in over $200 million catapulting Mr. Hirst to a prestige level of, dare I say, Pablo Picasso and Gustav Klimt.

More photos of some of his work after the jump.
Read more.

G10 B*****s!

AHHHHHHH! I was in Best Buy just this afternoon asking about this baby! The rep said probably November, but over at Hype Beast, and other sources I have looked at are noting an October release. That would make another excellent birthday gift! Long story short, this camera is DSLR in a point and shoot body. After I get this bad boy expect some crazy photo op-ed's up in this piece!

Canon PowerShot G10 offers Canon's new DIGIC 4 image processor, a 28mm Optical Image Stabilized 5x zoom lens and RAW mode. As the successor to the PowerShot G9, the Canon PowerShot G10 features a 1/1.7" sensor with a resolution of 14.7 megapixels and a 3-inch LCD screen.

Read more at Info Sync World

GQ puts in work for J.Crew.

Editors of GQ put in some QT with J.Crew to put together their favourite looks with peices from the fall collection. I was in Buffalo last week, and stopped in the J.Crew shop, and for the most part, I liked what I saw. As I purchased a couple of neckties, I wondered why they hadn't made the move up north? I can see a J.Crew fitting in rather well in Yorkdale.

Check it our more HERE.

New Yorkers for Children Gala

The JFK and Jackie-O of our time? Or maybe the Liz Taylor and Richard Burton? Marvin Gaye and Anna Gordy Perhaps? Regardless a Classic power couple. Check out some of the pictures from the gala Tuesday night. New Yorkers for Children mission is to:

to improve the lives of children and families who are served by the Administration for Children’s Services by providing the private resources needed to assist Children’s Services and to increase awareness of child welfare issues.
Read more.

T.I. - Dead & Gone (Ft. Justin Timberlake)

Via DCtoBC This record is wild....T.I. bring Timberlake Bankhead! Paper Trail...the album, drops September 30th and I predict that it'll give Dwayne a run for his (Young) money!



I know I've been following American politics pretty strongly, so in full disclosure I'll be voting NDP in the election on October 14th. I urge you all to do so as well.

Read up on the platform HERE.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Love Lockdown....

Kanye said there was going to be a new version, and here it is...Thanks Heather!