Friday, January 30, 2009

FTL: Rihanna Please Don't Hurt 'Em!

Another For The Ladies Post (though I never tire from looking at Rihanna), this one is lifted this from my homegirl Sham, becauseI figured my lady friends would truly appreciate it. Rihanna did her thing at the Superbowl Pepsi Smash concert in Tampa, and hit them with some boots that are, in my opinion, a harmonious mixture of frightening and fashionable! I know couple of girls who would kill these!

Carnivorous Lampshade Robot Runs On Flies It Catches!


Here's a weird take on renewable energy -- do you have pests? Specifically, houseflies?

Then you might be interested in this "carnivorous lamp," which appears to be designed to catch flies, feed on them and use energy generated through that to power LEDs.

Only problem is it looks like a tiny disco ball or something.

Flies and moths are naturally attracted to light. This lamp shade has holes based on the form of the pitcher plant enabling access for the insects but no escape. Eventually they expire and fall into the microbial fuel cell underneath. This generates the electricity to power a series of LEDs located at the bottom of the shade. These are activated when the house lights are turned off.

via HuffPo

Iceberg Mens Fall Collection 2009 [FASHION]

So driving to DC last week with 2 of my homeboys, we end up talking about Iceberg vis-à-vis Jay-Z's Snoopy Track, and how they have completely vanished from the fashion scene...unbeknownst to me, they are alive and well, and hitting harder St-Pierre! Hit the jump for more pics!

Read more.

The sneakers are ill...the pieces are dope! I'd like to trade in my old Sylvester and Tweety pieces please.

props to Sham!

A go&d™ Friday Classic!

This is my jaaawn! Why can’t I hear this in the club anymore?

“You ain't never seen a ni**a like me, ever in your life
and that's what you can't understand!”

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grean & Mean Driving Machine!

Details are scarce, including the official name of this beautiful piece of machinery. Nonetheless, it's set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. You can shut down any major event, and pick up that sexy tree-hugging chick on the way! SWEET!

via Luxist

Jazmine Sullivan - Lions, Tigers, & Bears [VIDEO}

I don't agree with her busting the windows out my car policy, but I do agree with her making good music policy!

Jazmine Sullivan - Lions, Tigers, & Bears [VIDEO}

I don't agree with her busting the windows out my car policy, but I do agree with her making good music policy!

Dita Von Teese: Gallery of the Unexpected

Everyone's favourite exhibitionist and burlesque luminary hits Black Book Mag tricked out in the hautest of haute couture from the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior, and many more. See full gallery.

BUSH 43: As We'd Like To Remember Him

This portrait is almost as iconic as "The Kramer"! Get it on the bay if you're lucky enough to win it.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laugh Out Wednesday! [VIDEO]

Classic Sh*t!

"Homecoming" John Forte Feat. Talib Kweli [VIDEO]

"Homecoming" John Forte + Talib Kweli from The ICU on Vimeo.

Welcome back homie!

Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li Official Trailer [VIDEO]

Ahhh snap! Michael Clarke Duncan is Balrog! Read more here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama Mad Magazine Cover: Spoofs President's First 100 Days

First Marvel Comics, now Mad Magazine. President Barack Obama, who was given the illustrious honor of appearing on the cover of Marvel's "Amazing Spider-Man" comic earlier this month, is now being spoofed courtesy of Mad magazine. Playing off the theme of his 'first 100 days,' the magazine's cover features a stressed-out Obama puffing away on cigarettes as he scans dire newspaper headlines during his "first 100 minutes."
Read the rest of the story here.

FTL: Marilyn Monroe…wait, Scarlett Johansson?

D&G will be releasing a line of cosmetics this March...yadda yadda yadda...Scarlett is fine!

“We wanted to create makeup with a scent. Domenico and I remember when we were children and opened our mother’s handbags — the scent of her lipstick trailed out. I observed that when women open makeup, they smell it first.” Stefano Gabbana.

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American Apparel x Porn Stars [ADVERTISING]

Often described by journalists and bloggers--and rightfully so--as bordering on soft amateur pornography, American Apparel fully embraces the reputation with a new wave of ads that feature women from the adult industry as models.

Read the rest of the story here.

Drake Feat. Lil Wayne & Santogold – Unstoppable (Remix) [MUSIC]

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Recession News: 40,000 Jobs Lost Today

New series of posts called "Recession News" as I am completely amazed at the how badly things are going around the world. Some say its the everything coming to and end...I patiently wait, and try and spend and save as much as I can simultaneously. What good is your savings account if everyone is gone. Anyway, with jobs going like hot cakes just having one will be enough to stunt on a motherfu**ah!

WASHINGTON — The recession is killing jobs at an alarming pace, with tens of thousands of new layoffs announced Monday by some of the biggest names in American business _ Pfizer, Caterpillar and Home Depot.

More pink slips, pay freezes and other hits are expected to slam workers in the months ahead as companies desperately look for ways to survive.

...the mounting toll was visible Monday as roughly 40,000 more U.S. workers got the grim news.

Read the rest of the story here.

Crazy Obama Inauguration Photography

Photographer David Bergman too this Gigapan image from the north press platform during President Obama's inaugural address at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC on January 20, 2009. It's made up of 220 images and the final image size is 59,783 X 24,658 pixels or 1,474 megapixels.

See more here.

Street Shots from Paris Fashion Week

I just grabbed the screenshot. I can co-sign a most of what's going here, but there are a few things here that are just off my fashion compass. Check the rest of the photos here.

YSL's Fashion Film Starring Michael Pitt [VIDEO]

Obama Style Goes High Fashion, Appears In Italian Vogue

There's no doubt Obama-style infiltrated the masses, and political T-shirts are normally widespread during an election. But when Jane Aldridge pointed us to a Bruce Weber shot in Italian Vogue, we realized that the Barack-street-style look has actually gone high fashion.

Read the whole story here.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Heineken Walk-In Fridge Commercial [VIDEO]

This is a beautifully hilarious piece of adwork!


Dope! Buy it here.

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FTL: La Perla's Luxe Lingerie for Valentine's Day

It would be a Happy Valentine's Day indeed!

"The La Perla woman makes the effort, but makes things look effortless. For Valentine's Day she wants to look her best and makes sure she takes care of her man. On Valentine's Day, she reserves a suite at the Greenwich Hotel, complete with a view of the New York harbor and a cozy fireplace. She buys several sets of La Perla lingerie, and takes her time to prepare so everything is just so. She then awaits for her man's arrival and presents the ultimate Valentine's gift - herself."

click here to see more!

A go&d™ Friday Classic!

"the law ni**a break it, I don't care! But when you get caught remember that I don't care!"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Sneaker [FASHION]

These should 1 of 3 different designs I believe. I think I love the fact that they're Louis more than anything else...and all red.

PARIS — Marc Jacobs and the Louis Vuitton men’s studio director Paul Helbers have some design competition this season. Kanye West, who was sitting front row at the Vuitton show, has designed a line of five LV sneakers. Only one design, above, was featured in the show — a monochromatic midtop with no frills, save for a quilted flap in the back, all the easier to tuck pants into. “The inspiration came from a jacket with a huge collar in the movie ‘Dune,’ ” West says. “Most sneakers focus on the tongue, so I wanted to do something different.” West knows whereof he speaks: he says he has no idea how many shoes he owns, but he does know that he routinely needs to send shipments off to storage. The LV-meets-Kanye kicks will be available at Louis Vuitton stores in June.

via Hypebeast

*UPDATE* Featured at Louis show in Paris

What The F*** Is A Million Bucks!

Art Marcovici has probably just put, who I'd consider the previous king of ostentatious pieces of art, Damien Hirst in check mate with this grandiose display of capitalism. The piece “One Billion Dollars” consists of 10 million 100 USD notes on 12 standard pallets totalling $1,000,000,000. Coming to an art gallery nowhere near the hood soon! WOW…

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Young Jeezy x Belvedere x Terry Richardson “Circulate” Campaign

I saw posters of this all over DC! See more here.'s Top 99 Women Of 2009

No. 1: Megan Fox? (editors note* not she's the MOST desirable, but most likely to claim the No. 1 spot)'s Top 99 Most Desirable Women is an annual list compiled by AM readers and staff, ranking the famous females deemed to be the year's most alluring. Readers are asked to look beyond sex appeal and beauty to pick women who have the characteristics they value in a potential companion, like intelligence, humor, charisma, and ambition. The result is a list that acts as the definitive gauge for identifying what modern men desire most in their female companions. After a month-long voting period that saw more than 10 million votes cast, the ballots have closed, the tallying is complete, and the Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2009 are ready to be revealed.

Read the whole story here.

T.O. Supports Obama!

Toronto was definitely represented sufficiently down in DC for in the inaugural events over the last few days. As testament to this, yesterday my man T-Rexxx hit me up to let me know about the airing of the Get On The Bus: T.O. Supports Obama trip footage on Much Music, but I was still in DC at the time so I missed it. I am working on the actually footage, but check the blog post here.

Beyonce At Last (Barack & Michelle Obama First Dance)

I am back off hiatus, and will be return to the regularly scheduled program here at go&d! I had an amazing few days in the District of Columbia, and will be hitting you with little gems from the trip very soon! In the meantime, for anyone who hasn't seen this video, or just needs to see it again this is the First Lady, and commander-in-chief's first dance dressed to the nines. Sidenote* Happy Birthday Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The $250,000 Ferragamo Crocodile Trench [FASHION]

Oliver is that you! I'd say it is one way or another. LOL Anyway, this right here is probably the flyest way you can tell peta to fu*k off.

Italian luxury goods house Salvatore Ferragamo has come out with the ne plus ultra of trench coats: a full-length, double-breasted model made entirely of the worlds finest black crocodile skin, priced at $250,000. The coat features epaulettes, D-rings, forearm straps and a silk lining.

Read the rest of the store here.

SpongeBob SquarePants Fine Jewelry

Gucci Mane I believe you are now in check! LOL

The allure of cartoon characters on jewelry eludes me but there must be a market for it since we've seen a fair amount of it on the market. Simmons Jewelry Company, Russell Simmons's company and Nickolodeon have partnered on a new fine jewelry and watch line inspired by SpongeBob SquarePants, The line will include pieces in gold, silver and enamel and products will sell for $150 to $75,000. The line will debut in the fall. The 12-carat total weight diamond-encrusted SpongeBob pendant shown here will be auctioned off for charity with proceeds benefiting Simmons's Diamond Empowerment Fundwhich funds schools in Africa. Simmons Jewelry is also the creator of the Hello Kitty fine jewelry line.

via Luxist

A go&d™ Friday Classic!

In celebration of the release of NOTORIOUS in theatres today I thought this old school Puff joint was fitting.

*SIDENOTE* Remember those mad rapper skits? “...this ni**a dancing in the rain with kids climbing up mountains and sh*t!" LOL

In coincidental tandem my brother blog Dream Stations has posted King Of New York as part of the on going series of Friday Night Classic films today! Frank White bitch! Check it out.

Obama x Hennessy Limited Edition Cognac

Mr. Obama’s election set off a boom in merchandise, official or otherwise, that has come to be called Obamabilia. Among the myriad offerings are coins, plaques, plates, clothing, magazines, newspapers, books, posters, DVDs, jewelry, dolls, greeting cards and jigsaw puzzles.

By some estimates, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Obama treasures, trinkets and tchotchkes have been sold since Election Day.

As Mr. Obama prepares to be sworn in on Tuesday as the 44th president, the hoopla is reaching a higher level with a round of products and advertisements pegged to the inauguration.

The new items include bottles of Hennessy Cognac, bearing labels that read “44”; commemorative issues of publications like The New Yorker, Newsweek, USA Today and The Washington Post; and T-shirts from the Presidential Inaugural Committee that urge “Be the change.”

Read the whole story here.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Diddy's Biggie Blog: The Confessional Pt. 1 [VIDEO]

Diddy goes in and talks on the passing of Biggie and how it has affected people all around the world, as well as the filming of the movie. Also check out parts 2 - 3 - 4

Props to eskay!

Lil Wayne x GQ [Interview x Terry Richardson]

In sort of related news, Wayne & co. were in Montreal last night and from what I hear it was clinically insane! Tonight me and my bro are heading out to see what the fuss is about...full details in the morrows. Nevertheless, the complete GQ interview can be read here.

Gossip Girl Escapes Paparazzi In Her Nikes. [VIDEO]

For all the Gossip Girl fans...this nike commercial features Taylor Momsen and of course some Nike product. This ad features the Zoom Sister One+.

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Santogold ft. Three 6 Mafia & Project Pat - Shuv It [MUSIC]


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Busta Rhymes feat. Young Jeezy & Jadakiss - Conglomerate [MUSIC]

.O.M.B. (Back On My Bullshit) set for release on March 24th 2009.

via eskay

"Best Job In The World"

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The chance to be the caretaker of a tiny tropical island in Australia has sparked so much interest around the world that a rush of applications crashed the website advertising the post.

The job, which offers a salary of $105,000 to spend six months on the Great Barrier Reef island of Hamilton, has been inundated with hundreds of thousands of prospective candidates.

An official from the state of Queensland, which is offering the position, said the job was created as an antidote to the global economic slump and was being advertised in 18 countries including the United States and China.

Read the whole story here.

Official Obama Portrait Released [PHOTO]

Barack Obama's office has released the new official presidential portrait. The photograph was taken by new official White House photographer Pete Souza, and marks the first time a presidential portrait was taken with a digital camera.

via HuffPo

Laugh Out Wednesday! [VIDEO]

Courtesy of the good folks at this video is aptly titled "Courage Fail" If you enjoyed is as much as I did, may I also suggest "Masculinity Fail" as well. LOL

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LeBron James On GQ Cover For February 2009

After the controversial April 2008 Vogue cover, which featured the Cleveland Cavaliers star with (now-engaged) Gisele Bundchen in a King Kong like pose, LeBron James appears on the February 2009 GQ cover.

"LONG LIVE THE KING!" the cover-line shouts, "LeBron James is only 24 and just getting started."

The cover article, written by Joel Lovell and photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg, tells the tale of six GQ staffers who challenged LeBron to a game of basketball.

Read the article at

via Huffpo

City Of God Son [TRAILER]

“City of God’s Son” is an experimental hip-hop opera starring Nas, Jay Z, Ghostface, Biggie Smalls, Raekwon, Samuel Jackson, Delroy Lindo, and Laurence Fishburne. It is a crime drama/coming of age tale of three fictitious characters growing up in a crime ridden mythical city in a jungle. This project explores the icon of the gangster in modern media, and weaves musical history and gangster film history into an operatic music based story of brotherhood and survival. An homage to 90’s New York hip-hop, “City of God’s Son” is the redefinition of the remix. Featuring legendary soul singer Joe Bataan. A sound film/hip hop opera by Kenzo Digital. To download the entire project for FREE and for more info please visit: City of God’s Son

Props eskay!

LG Dick Tracey Watch-Phone

LAS VEGAS — James Bond and Dick Tracy fans are likely to queue up for this soon. The new watch phone from LG is one of the coolest gadgets at the CES 2009 show.

At a press event today, LG USA President Michael Ahn showed a working demo of the device. It's a surprisingly slim watch that has a touchscreen phone, 3G and Bluetooth capabilities. It also has a camera that can take photos and small videos.

Worn on the wrist, the phone looks like any ordinary watch displaying the time but when a call comes in, the screen changes. Just raise your hand a little closer to your mouth, press a button and you can talk into the watch through the speakerphone capability.

The watch phone is expected to go into production mid-year though the company did not offer any details on pricing.

Read the rest of the story here.

Flight of the Conchords Season 2 [TRAILER]

How did I miss this? Why was I not informed! Given the snow, and sub-zero temperature HBO On Demand will be seeing a lot of action for next little while.

The second season of the show is now set to premiere on January 18th, 2009 on HBO. The first episode of the season has been made available for streaming at

Monday, January 12, 2009

Young Money Backstage at "I Am Music" Tour [VIDEO}

HAHAHAHAHA! Shouts to Jimmy!

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66th Golden Globes Awards

One of the biggest/expected award for the night! Some of my other favourites Slum Dog Millionaire, 30 Rock, Mad Men, and John Adams cleaned up rather nicely as well!

"Dexter" Brother And Sister Now Husband-Wife

I've known they were together for a while now, but it still doesn't make it any less weird.

NEW YORK — They play brother and sister on "Dexter." Now in real life, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are husband and wife. Hall's spokesman, Craig Bankey, said on Friday that the couple eloped in California on New Year's Eve. They'll walk the red carpet together at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday _ the first time publicly acknowledging their relationship.

Hall, 37, and Carpenter, 29, just finished the third season of "Dexter," the Showtime series in which Hall plays the murderous title character. They've been quietly dating for about a year and a half.

At their wedding, Carpenter's grandfather's wedding band was attached to her bouquet of white roses.

via HuffPo

Zimbabwe introduces $100 Billion Banknotes

I have heard about inflation, but this is just ridiculous! (Approx. 231 million %) The crazy part is, it only equates to about $1 USD. I suppose amidst a war, and little to no gold, oil, or diamonds in the country it pretty difficult to keep it's economic situation alive.

HARARE, Zimbabwe (CNN) -- Zimbabwe's central bank will introduce a $50 billion note -- enough to buy just two loaves of bread -- as a way of fighting cash shortages amid spiraling inflation.

The country's acting finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa, made the announcement in a government gazette released Saturday.

Although Chinamasa did not give the date on which the $50 billion and new $20 billion notes would come into circulation, an official at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe said the notes would be distributed to all banks by the end of Monday.

Zimbabwe is grappling with hyperinflation now officially estimated at 231 million percent, and its currency is fast losing its value. As of Friday, one U.S. dollar was trading at around ZW$25 billion.

When the government issued a $10 billion note just three weeks ago, it bought 20 loaves of bread. That note now can purchase less than half of one loaf.

Realizing the worthlessness of the currency, the RBZ has allowed most goods and services to be charged in foreign currency. As a result, grocery purchases, government hospital bills, property sales, rent, vegetables and even mobile phone recharge cards are now paid for in foreign currency, as the worthless Zimbabwe dollar virtually ceases to be legal tender.

Once a regional economic model, Zimbabwe is in the throes of an economic crisis, with unemployment running at more than 80 percent and many families unable to afford a square meal. President Robert Mugabe's critics blame his policies for the economic meltdown, but he says the West is sabotaging his efforts.

In order to attract foreign currency, Zimbabwe's central bank has, since September, licensed at least 1,000 shops to sell goods in foreign currency. All mobile phone service providers are now licensed to accept foreign exchange for airtime and other services.

John Robertson, an economist in Zimbabwe, said he's puzzled by the introduction of the $50 billion and $20 billion notes.

"I am not really sure what these notes would be for," he said. "No one now accepts the local currency. It is a waste of resources to print Zimbabwe dollar notes now. Who accepts a currency that loses value by almost 100 percent daily?"

In August, the RBZ slashed ten zeros from the currency. But the zeroes have bounced back with more vigor.

A power-sharing deal between Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai signed in September, and brokered by former South African leader Thabo Mbeki, raised hopes of halting Zimbabwe's plunge into economic destruction.

But the pact has stalled over the allocation of key cabinet ministries, with Tsvangirai accusing Mugabe of grabbing all key posts such as defense, home affairs, local government, foreign affairs and finance.

via CNN

Obama's First Foreign Trip As President: Canada

If whatever reason you end up being the only person not in D.C. on the 20th, and you live up here in Hollywood may be able to catch a glimpse. Nebby!

WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack Obama plans to take his first international trip to Canada.

Transition aides said Saturday that Obama picked the United States' northern neighbor as his first venture outside the country as president. Aides say they could not discuss the date for the trip or its agenda.

A transition official says aides to the president-elect and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper discussed the trip in recent days. But the official says Obama and Harper themselves have not directly discussed the trip.

Obama meets Monday with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, his first in-person meeting with a world leader since winning election.

U.S. presidents typically use Canada as their first international trip.

"It's good news, a sign of the importance of this relationship to both countries. We look forward to hosting the new president," Kory Teneycke, Harper's press secretary, said from Ottawa. "The fact remains that our two countries are very important trading partners to one another, that we are friends and allies."


Friday, January 9, 2009

I didn't see this coming, but I'm not surprised either.
WASHINGTON — Spider-Man has a new sidekick: The president-elect.

Barack Obama collected Spider-Man comics as a child, so Marvel Comics wanted to give him a "shout-out back" by featuring him in a bonus story, said Joe Quesada, Marvel's editor-in-chief.

"How great is that? The commander in chief to be is actually a nerd in chief," Quesada said. "It was really, really cool to see that we had a geek in the White House. We're all thrilled with that."

The comic starts with Spider-Man's alter-ego Peter Parker taking photographs at the inauguration, before spotting two identical Obamas.

Parker decides "the future president's gonna need Spider-Man," and springs into action, using basketball to determine the real Obama and punching out the impostor.

Obama thanks him with a fist-bump.

Marvel comics have featured most presidents, but generally in walk-on roles, Quesada said.

"I think President Nixon might have appeared on the cover, but not in a good way," he said.

Obama has said that as a child, he collected Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comic books. His Senate Web site used to have a photo of him posing in front of a Superman statue.

The Obama story is a bonus in Marvel Comic's Amazing Spider-Man #583, available in comic book shops nationwide on Jan. 14 for $3.99 and is expected to sell out, with half the covers devoted to Obama.

Via HuffPo

VIBE Magazine Cover February [Kanye West]

"I am rap" LOL

See Vibe’s playlist of Yeezy’s 10 Worst Songs.

via Nah Right

Hate Microsoft Vista? Windows 7 Beta Available Today!

If you're like me...and have not converted to the Mac side yet, but is struggling to cope with the annoyances of Microsoft Vista. There may be some hope yet! Microsoft is releasing the beta version of Windows 7 today, and though it's a beta I don't see how it can be any worse than Vista is currently! If you're interested head over to official download site.

via Wired

Girl Talk's Gregg Gillis Lets It RiP on Copyfight, Tour Vlogging

From the sampled-based hip-hop of Run-DMC and De La Soul to Gregg Gillis' lift-happy releases under the moniker Girl Talk, creative borrowing has been at the center of a musical copyfight cyclone that threatens to underwhelm us all.

The song remains the same, so to speak: We call it recycling. The man calls it stealing.

Last year, Gillis (pictured), 27, released one of the densest repurposings of all time: Feed the Animals, the fourth Girl Talk album, was built on more than 300 samples.

The fact that Feed the Animals became one of the most acclaimed releases of 2008 is instructive, given that the disc was built wholly from digitally rearranged samples of pop music's hottest hits from across the temporal spectrum.

And it's not like it was hard to spot them: From Ludacris and Outkast to the Spencer Davis Group, the samples stuck out like sore virtual thumbs. That was, after all, the point.

The copyfight mechanism that has claimed Pittsburgh-based Gillis as its center is explored in the forthcoming movie RiP: A Remix Manifesto, which lands online and onscreen March 15. The film, billed as the world's first open source documentary, analyzes the current strain of creative borrowing and capitalization with the help of Cory Doctorow, Lawrence Lessig, Gilberto Gil and more. caught up with Gillis by e-mail to chat about RiP, copyfight, tour vlogging and why he's advertising that he's a PC rather than a Mac.

Read the rest of the story here.

Whopper Sacrifice, Burger King's Facebook Promotion: Delete 10 Friends For Free Whopper

I think I may have 10 or so that can go...

Burger King has created an application for Facebook that allows users to delete 10 friends in exchange for a free Whopper.

Taking Klondike's "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" motif to the next level, Burger King invites Facebook users to sacrifice 10 of their friends on the social networking site for a coupon for a free sandwich:

"What would you do for a free WHOPPPER? Now is the time to put your fair-weather web friendships to the test. Install WHOPPER Sacrifice on your Facebook profile, and we'll reward you with a free flame-broiled WHOPPER when you sacrifice 10 of your friends."

Sacrificed friends show up in a user's news feed. AdWeek offers more details on the promotion.

via HuffPo

A go&d™ Friday Classic!

Billy Ocean! Yeah, I went if you don’t know, now you know! You want some more!? Well, I’m not surprised...Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wallpaper* Design Awards 2009

The results are finally here: the best of the best and the very highly commended of the rest, as chosen by our esteemed panel of judges - Kanye West, Jean Nouvel, Ines de la Fressange, Marc Newson, Sir Ken Adam and Stefano Pilati. Browse the winners and runners-up below. And check out the current issue (W* 119) for the full portfolio of portraits of our judges as well as extended text on the winning entries.
Read the rest of the story here.