Sunday, July 31, 2011

Drake - Headlines [MUSIC]

My only problem with this record is I wish it released at the beginning of the summer. Off the album "Take Care" to be released October 24th 2011.

via OVO

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Porsche Design Shisha [GADGETS]

Shisha and sangria has been the pairing of the summer for many of my friends and I. The thing is, I only wish that that this Porsche Design Shisha ($TBA), built solidly from aluminum, stainless steel, and glass was what I was puffing my grape/mint combo through.
It is definitely not as ornamental as traditional pipes, but there is something to be said about it's Howard Roarke-sque modernism. The hookah stands roughly 22 inches tall, and features a long flexible tube made out of TecFlex material. Nothing bust the best from Porsche Designs.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dexter Season 6 Sneak Peak [TELEVISION]

Everybody's favourite serial killer is back this fall, and is bringing a few new accessories to his murders. New guest stars include Colin Hanks and Mos Def. The ne season premières Sunday, October 2nd 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jay-Z & Kanye West featt. Otis Redding – Otis (Prod. by Kanye West) [MUSIC]

"...sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive."

Off the joint album, Watch The Throne, which drops August 1st.

I expect Woman will be the last thing civilized by Man. [EDITORIAL]

No matter which conclusion you draw after reading this well articulated, yet scathingly brilliant open letter to the women of Toronto. You will agree either way that it's not exclusive to the city of Toronto. Men vs. Women is a battle that is seemingly eternal, and undoubtedly universal. It is very to easy to imagine Adam saying "...tell me something I don't know." after reading this in regards to Eve. The title of the post; I expect Woman will be the last thing civilized by Man. A quote by English poet and novelist George Meredith, in my opinion is as apt as they come, and sets the tone for the read below.

The women of Toronto are prostitutes. They only care about money and status. The most attractive women sell themselves to the highest bidders.

You hardly meet any attractive single women in Toronto because they are afraid their friends will look down on them – it’s a status thing. That’s why a woman in Toronto will hold on to her boyfriend, even if he’s a total douchebag, rather than stay single. She’ll only leave him when she’s got another guy lined up – it’s called the monkey bar. Only the uglies, the fatties, and the crazies who are unable to hold on to a token man are left on the market. Enjoy shopping for damaged goods.

In the bars and in the clubs, women get together with their friends to dance with their backs to the crowd, not to meet single men. They’ve already brought their asshole boyfriends (you know the ones, the guys who shoved you aside to let their group push through the crowd into your spot) and they’re going to have a good time and ignore everybody else. The “creeps” and seduction masters hover on the periphery. It’s the T-dot Shore – no wonder they wanted to film a show here – the animals at the watering hole are so obliging.

Toronto women are not looking to meet men anywhere other than in their narrowly-defined time and place – the bitch-face is on all-day, every day until Saturday night, when the few, desperate remaining single women will drunkenly sleep with a douchebag or a hipster selling a slick line of unlikely bullshit. In the revealing light of day, they hide what they’ve done and complain to their bitchy girlfriends about their asshole boyfriends and lament, “there aren’t any good men out there.”

Men, if you want to meet decent women, don’t look here. The women here are well-dressed cunts and you’re better off without them.

There is a serious problem in this city. Women here are severely dysfunctional, to the degree that they are making life miserable, both for themselves and for the men around them. The typical Toronto woman is a graceless, mindless byproduct of modern feminism, who vehemently believes what she has been taught since she was old enough to listen: that she is a beautiful enigma — an enchanting yin-yang of unimpeachable virtue, and endearing imperfection. She is cripplingly vain, yet deeply insecure. She speaks too much, and too loudly, and is oblivious to her own banality. She has slept with far too many men to be considered relationship material, because she knows nothing about herself, about men, or about love itself.

As men, we see it every day. Toronto women walk around as if they did not notice men were present. They talk on their phones on the streetcars as if in their living rooms, airing the weekend’s dirty laundry in loud, irritating voices. They become perversely absorbed in their reflections in elevators, or even shop windows. They do not move for anyone on the sidewalks. They stomp around with anything from subtle sourness to outright mannish aggression. They believe that modesty, class and decorum are antiquated, sexist notions, and therefore behave in the extreme opposite manner.

This is the monster that feminism has created. It’s inescapable in this city — it has infected public education, parenting, psychology, television, universities, and all forms of social expression to the point where its effects can be observed in body language alone. Canada in particular is one of the most feminized countries in the world, and Toronto is the flagship of its ugly paradigm. Look at any TV show, any radio commercial, any magazine (for men or women), and the message is the same. Men are pathetic, bumbling fetch-dogs, and women save the day with their finesse, poise, confidence, etc. A woman is told by a million voices in every direction, every day, that she is a Venus, an unsolvable mystery that should be worshipped because she is, apparently, every conceivable contradiction of character, co-existing in one divine shell. Delicate, yet strong. Meek, yet self-possessed. Sexy, yet pure. The list is never-ending. Every action a woman takes, every minor hardship or imagined struggle, is painted as an epic crusade for Womankind.

Have you noticed how many Seduction Artists originate from Toronto? Who is to blame for these moronic cheeseballs, with their theories and techniques on how to beat women at their own game? Their twisted tactics are employed by men who are baffled and bewildered by women’s general and unaccountable antipathy towards men, but who would rather adopt a phony, carefully constructed persona to get women than throw in the towel. More of us, however, have just stopped flirting with Toronto women, and are spending what are meant to be the best years of our lives bitterly navigating the atmosphere of sexual combativeness that pervades this city like a fog.

Some of us seem to be catching on, despite being brought up to revere women by default. Like Pavlov’s dog, experience is teaching us that beneath their tenuous sexual appeal, Toronto women are overwhelmingly devoid of substance, character, humility, and intelligence, and are much too narcissistic to tolerate for more than a one-night stand. Most know nothing of love, how to love, or how to be loved, and their lives are spiraling out of reality into the house of mirrors which has been constructed for them by the industries of fashion and cosmetics.

Women of Toronto — feminism has failed you. You direly need to rediscover your sexual identities from the ground up, because you are destroying the bond between men and women which is the foundation of the world. You can use any manner of defense you wish — call me bitter, misogynistic, whiny, old-fashioned — whatever. I know the truth about you, as many men do, as you yourselves will bitterly have to face when you inevitably realize that what you hold dear only serves to make you unhappy. Learn how to be feminine, to think for yourselves, to compliment men instead of compete with them. Tear down the disgusting sham, the epidemic doctrine that says men and women are the same, and please stop reading magazines altogether. Realize that the cavernous rift between us is complete fiction, and is mostly intended to keep our wallets empty. We will do our part, as men, if you simply let us.

Spotted on OHveryCritical via Craigslist.

Friday, July 15, 2011

flYYZ [fly•why•zed] Sundays [EVENTS]

Swanky Sunday summer night soiree.

flYYZ [fly•why•zed]

Proof Vodka Bar + Sky Lounge
Intercontinental Hotel Yorkville
220 Bloor St. W

TORONTO - flYYZ [] - Last weeks LADIES NIGHT OUT was a complete success and we along with everyone in attendance were amazed with the amount of beautiful women that came out and supported the relaunch of
Click HERE to see the photo album

This Sunday The Commission gives you the two things that seemed to be the two favorite things from last Sunday's night. SHEESHA & SANGRIA Sunday July 17th!

DINE - 7pm -9pm
With a wide array of delicious appetizers, entrées and desserts available. Make it a Sunday night dinner party.

DRINKS - 7pm - Midnight
Signature mimosas, as well as chilled champagne is readily available

the best music has to offer to score the evening. Hop on the good foot.

Ladies bring out your best summer dresses and patio appropriate attire & Gentlemen come out looking dapper no sneakers or fitteds

Guests are $10 before 9pm & $15 after

Group Packages are also available:
$200 (taxes included) per booth which includes sangria, wine & appetizers for groups of 5 or more.


We hope that you do take the time out to come out experience what flYYZ has to offer.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Theophilus London "I Stand Alone" [Music]

The latest single off the upcoming Timez Are Weird These Days due out July 19th. Theo has been performing snippets of this record while on tour and was also featured as the teaser for How To Make It In America trailer.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Breaking Bad Season 4 Sneak Peek [TELEVISION]

Skyler’s frantic call sends Saul’s paranoia through the roof in this sneak peak from the season 4 premiere of Breaking Bad. Don’t miss the return of everyone's favourite meth cook on July 17, 2011. Are you ready?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love, Props and the T.Dot [DOCUMENTARY]

This is truly a gem following the timeline of Hip-Hop in Toronto. Starting with the evolution of the Hip-Hop scene with Mishee Me, Maestro, Dream Warriors, Ghetto Concepts, Choclair, Kardinal and ending off with Drake, K'Naan, K-OS....

To coincide with the CBC’s Hip Hop Summit, CBC News Toronto documents the history of Hip Hop in Toronto with the documentary “Love, Props and the T.Dot”.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

J.Cole talks Cole World & "Work Out" [INTERVIEW]

J.Cole himself is first to react and discuss the ongoing debate over his current official single "Work Out" which has garnered strongly mixed reviews from the blogosphere and more importantly his original supporters. The career theories behind Mr. Cole's momentum, the backdrop for "Cole World: The Sideline Story", acquiring new fans while receiving criticism from his fanbase are all discussed within the interview.