Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Make It Rain: The Love of Money [APP]

For those who have grown tired of Flappy Bird, or didn't even have the opportunity to get tired of Flappy Bird, Make It Rain: The Love of Money is the current top free iOS App, and it's an anticapitalist spoof that’s making $50K per day!

May is the has been downloaded 1.6 million times, mostly on the iPhone, and it’s making $50,000 per day, half from in-game purchases and half from ads. Most of this has happened in the last week, with something like 250,000 installs per day. Based on reviews and other data, it appears to be particularly popular with young men in high school and college — the frat boy demographic.

Make It Rain co-creator Josh Segall is a bit befuddled. “The new Flappy Bird is about income inequality and political corruption,” he said. “I wish we had been expecting it because maybe then we would have made a game that people would want to play for longer.”

GAMEPLAY: You essentially make it rain until the virtual FBI investigate you virtual stockpile and threaten to seize it, but if you have the funds, you simply buy them off with a virtual bribe. Afterwards you may want to buy a virtual cigarette factory, or possibly a virtual strip mine. In the meantime, hire a virtual PR person and a virtual lobbyist.

It’s not necessarily clear that the app’s cynical undertones are getting through to its users. Sure, when you open the app the first screen shows quotes like “The love of money is the root of all evil.” But then you start swiping as fast as you can to make it rain.

“Some people are in on the joke and really get it and love it,” Segall said. “Some people it takes longer to get, I think.” He sent over a negative-turned-positive app review in which a person initially left a complaint about having spent so much real-world money to make his virtual-world money pile grow faster without reaching any sort of end point. The reviewer later added an update that said, “You end up scrambling for all this money, and for what? I’m definitely not happier I accumulated it. Valuable lesson.”

Download it now for FREE.

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